The 2,317-foot bridge, constructed in 1967 - 1969, spans Irondequoit Bay from "Newport Point" on the Irondequoit ( west ) side, to "Inspiration Point" on the Webster ( east ) side of the bay. Some 268 piles, with 20 capped clusters, support the bridge, and it is Monroe County's longest bridge. The cost at that time was $7.5 million dollars for the bridge & $17.5 million dollars for the highway approaches, bringing the project total to around $25 million dollars.

Each section ( truss ) was built on a barge, which was then pulled into position by a tug-boat. After it was positioned, water was pumped into the pontoons of the barge to sink it enough to enable it to be moved from under the truss.


It Was A Lovely Day For Building A Bridge

First steel truss section of the Irondequoit Bay Bridge is floated into place on the barge on which it was constructed.

Bay Bridge Waits For Spring Thaw

Jan 1, 1968. The partly completed bridge is silhouetted against the icy bay. Workmen abandoned the project for the winter.

After the steel truss was positioned, the barges that had supported it were flooded, setting the truss down on top of columns, precise to a fraction of an inch

No Rush Hour.......Yet

Feb 17, 1969. The Bay Bridge, seen from the Irondequoit shore, is nearly ready for traffic.



The 2,317-foot bridge superstructure in 1967, across Irondequoit Bay at half-way point.

The Bay Bridge today.


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