In 1899 the Glen Haven Hotel was built on the western shores of Irondequoit bay just south of bayview. This beautiful hotel was surrounded by shade trees and flower beds. Its large verandas and dining rooms could seat four hundred people. The Glen Haven Railway brought Picnickers from it's station on East Main Street, at the present site of the RTS bus garage, to Glen Haven since 1889, however it was the building of the hotel which started the development of the area.
In 1895 the Glen Haven Railroad was in trouble and was sold to the Irondequoit Park Railway. The new owners electrified the line and installed a power plant on the site in 1896. Cars ran every twenty minutes and the motormen received 15 cents an hour.
It wasn't long after the Hotel was built when amusements started to be added to the area. An open air theater offered free vaudeville shows. A carousel, roller coaster and many attractions installed over the years helped turn the area into a full amusement park and soon the name was changed to "Dreamland". While the resort was well accepted and visited by thousands, it would never become as popular as Ontario Beach Park at Charlotte. As attendance started to dwindle in the mid 1920s the park was abandoned, and in November of 1928 the Glen Haven Hotel burned to the ground.